Rolling up to represent

I recently filmed several short videos for Arts Award Supporter – I created the idea, wrote the script, produced it and directed it. It was really exciting and utterly exhausting, but well worth it. I am presenting in one of the films. I’ve just had the first cuts come back and I’m really disappointed in […]

Royal Opera House Programme Manager Arts Award

I am really delighted to have accepted a role at the Royal Opera House Bridge as the Programme Manager Arts Award. This is a role three days a week on a nine month contract and it is base at the High House Production Park in Purfleet and I start on the 19th of May. This […]

Presenting information in the digital age

As part of my work for Trinity College London, on their Arts Award Supporter campaign I have been investigating different ways of presenting all of the information we hold in a way which is accessible for people. We all have preferred ways of receiving information – thinking of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, I personally […]


Early this week I travelled up to West Yorkshire for my client Trinity College London, in my role as an Arts Award Associate (Supporter). I miss Yorkshire (I did my first degree up there) and so I was really pleased to be invited by Cape UK to present at their Arts Award Conference to talk about the […]