I am a seeker – in Harry Potter the Seeker was always on the lookout for the tiny, golden snitch that was darting around the whole pitch. My quest no longer has that same frantic energy, but I am always flying around, making connections and seeing the bigger picture.

I have an insatiable curiosity and I am always happy to read new and different topics. I am quick to pull together disparate bits of information to make a cohesive whole. My background in business, marketing, the arts and education are an excellent example of this – I have a fairly unique skill set and way of thinking as a result of this background. All of which will be brought into play if we work together.

This seeking ability means I am quick to help people communicate. I have called in to ‘translate’ between departments who just don’t seem to be able to understand each other. Technically they are both speaking English but seem to be in different worlds, let alone countries.

Most of all I am seeking happiness, peace and contentment – but then, aren’t we all? Part of this is looking to connect with the divine, the light and you can read about that in my new blog (coming soon -FEB 2016) I guess it all leads to living a good life – especially with a chronic illness, for me this is time with my friends and family; walking in the woods with my dog; creating – music, writing and art; and I write about all of these things.

If you want to talk about how my seeker ways can help you then email jen AT Jenfarrant DOT com.