Save Elm Road Open Space


My local park is under threat of being sold off to make way for a 900 student secondary school. This is in the middle of a warren of tiny residential streets, it is the only open space for quite a way and it is incredibly well used.

I am spearheading an apolitical campaign to stop this from happening, it is vital that we protect all green spaces, especially in built up areas.

Please join us on the website, Twitter, Facebook and if you are a Thurrock resident please sign the petition. I have been interviewed by the local newspapers and radio too. Due to the way social media works, we need as many follows and likes as possible, as this means it gets shown more too.

Yesterday I attended the council meeting. This is the first time I have been involved in local politics and I was utterly appalled at the behaviour in the chamber. There were blatent lies, rudeness and our campaign was treated as a political football, rather than an impassioned local movement