I hold an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, which involved research and writing a thesis; a PGCE, which included research about the best ways of teaching young people and adults; and a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, which included a significant focus on research technique and practice, both quantitative and qualitative.

You can see my CV here.

I have worked in technology, marketing, the arts and education, and am adept at gathering knowledge, understanding the bigger picture and the details, and then communicating this to a variety of stakeholders.

Types of research include:

  • what your competitors are doing
  • new fields of potential business
  • current best practice
  • current/future trends
  • research of a topic you are interested in but you don’t have time to investigate
  • researching any of the above, suggesting pilot projects, and delivering them.
  • evaluation of a project, how it holds to its aims and objectives, as well as measurable outcomes


  • Statistical data analysis
  • Narrative data analysis
  • Books/online research
  • Skype/phone/in-person interviews
  • Questionnaire development


you have a few options, although this mostly depends on what sort of research you want doing:

  • Bullet point summary with further reading suggestions and bibliography
  • Executive summary and report with an appendix including bibliography
  • Executive summary, detailed report, appendix, bibliography and recommendations.

You can read about an evaluation project I undertook here, including access to the full report.

Please do get in touch to discuss a project.

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