My photography practice, which I do most days, is an act of mindfulness and gratitude. I look for the beautiful, unusual and notable in my daily life. Most days I’m at home and I go out for walks with my dog in the local area. I am not in fantastic photographic locations, just a rather run down bit of Essex.

But, looking for things to photograph means I am deeply engaged with the world every day. I’m actively looking for beauty, contrast or something different. These are often changes in nature, but also human interaction with the world – graffiti, unusual things dropped, abandoned or just odd juxtapositions.

Although I do venture out with another camera (and currently saving for a DSLR) my most used camera is the one that I always have with me, my iPhone 6S.

I’ve started a hashtag on Instagram BeautifulThurrock, because I am always looking for the beauty here. I would love for it to be picked up and used more widely.

You can read more about my photography, and see a small collection of photos here, join me on Instagram, or see my portfolio here.

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  1. Jen, I looked at your photos. They look lovely. Your dog in the photo looks really photogenic. When I go on trips, I always take pictures of animals, flowers, nice building either old or modern, piazzas, fountains, and parks. I would say that all the animals come out very nicely in the photos. I suppose that because they do not have to pose like us humans do. I tend to use my camera most of the time. A few times, I used my IPad and my phone to take pictures of my two cats and a park and buildings outside my hotel window. I am glad that you enjoy photography.

  2. Jen, whenever I try to take photos of my female tabby cat, she cannot stay still. She is always running away, when I am trying to take her picture. I cannot even get a good shot of her face. When I go to the zoo and take photos of tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, and elephants. They never stay still. They just become restless and walk back and forth that I cannot take a good picture of their whole face.

  3. Jen, I have wonderful news to tell you. I got my final module result for my module A863 which is the MA in Classical Studies Part 1, I have passed. I received a Pass 4 considering that the TMAs and the EMA were rather difficult to write. Some of the questions were quite complicated, complex, daunting, and vague. I did ask my tutor for help. Of course, he could not give me the answers. I got a proofreader online to check for grammar, typos, sentence structure, and referencing. He did not change the content of my essays. I wrote the essays all on my own and I have passed them all. I got a Pass 3 in my TMA 01, a Pass 4 in both my TMA 02 and 03 and a Pass 4 in my EMA. I was so nervous that I was going to fail, because of the assignments being so difficult. I have passed and completed my module A863 and I feel delighted. I will be doing the continuation of my MA in Classical Studies which is A864 and I hope that I pass this module too, so that I can receive my MA in Classical Studies.

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