Importance of good business practice for charities

Good business practice is vital for charities.

It allows charities to focus on their core aims with a strength that comes from having firm policies; working efficiently; reporting processes; monitoring and staying focused.

Funds given for a specific project the money must be used for that and that only, with clear reporting and accountability.

When dealing with youth or vulnerable adults you must have strict policies and boundaries in place to protect your staff as well as clients/customers.

You must report on statistics: in this world if you can’t prove your value in financial or other measurable terms you will not continue to get funding.

Yes I know, that is not why you went into the work that you do.

But tough.

Accountability is key, especially if you are in receipt of charitable or public funds. Even if you have a patron or corporate sponsors you need to demonstrate value to them.

You need to say no.

This comes when you are clear on focus, aims and objectives.

When you know what your financial state is: where the money is; where is goes; what thing cost and what else may or may not be coming in and out.

Good business practice will make you efficient and money will be saved.

You don’t have any money to spare on inefficiency.

Good business practice is not evil, it allows you to be more creative, more people to be helped, more art created and for longer periods of time.

Good business practices are firm roots for your core work to grow from.

I appreciate that many creatives and charity workers don’t have the skill set or inclination for this.

That’s fine. Employ someone who does.

Good business administrators can be compassionate and creative too.

I certainly am.

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