Honouring your ideas

I don’t know about you, but I am always having ideas about new projects, blog posts, things I could write, things I could do. I absolutely can’t do all of them, it would be impossible. Even if I stopped pretty much everything else in my life and just worked on them I doubt I would get them all done. Quite a lot of them shouldn’t be done because the idea is, quite frankly, absolute rubbish.

When I get ideas I don’t judge the quality of the idea at all, I just capture it.

I was getting rather overwhelmed with the amount of notebooks I had around the place and it made it rather complicated as to what I was supposed to use at any one time, so I have simplified down to 2 notebooks – one a journal which I pretty much carry everywhere with me, and I use it for: drawing, musing, capturing ideas, expanding on them, journalling, and pretty much everything else. Sometimes I write down what I am supposed to do that day, but I also have a wall planner that I use to lay out my week. The other book is for taking notes in from books, videos, courses etc.

I nearly always have my journal with me, so I write ideas there, I get down as much detail as I can. If I’m out and about and don’t have it I use Evernote to capture the information.

On a Sunday I go through both of these and ‘harvest’ what I have written. If it is a blog idea I just add it to my list of blog ideas and add the page number, if it is for something else I write it on an index card and file it. I always scan my index cards so I don’t need to worry about losing them in a fire or anything.

I have honoured my idea. I may not do anything with it now, or at all. But if I want to at a later point I know where that information is. Some people call this a ‘spark file’ and use a single document. I quite like index cards because you can go through them in different orders and sometimes patterns emerge that weren’t there before. Some times more ideas come through for the single idea, so again I put that on an index card and file it – one idea is turning into a book and will require its own card box soon.

I hope that this processes is telling the ideas that I value them all and they are all welcome in my life!

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  1. Using notebooks and index cards are good resources to use when taking notes. I use notepads and booklets to take notes about important facts that I should include in my TMAs. I always put the author, date, and page, where I got the source of information just to keep a record, so when I start writing my essays, I know where to find this piece of information. Then, when I write up my rough drafts for my TMA, I use loose leaves of lined sheet paper and then I print it out in my computer.

  2. I plan on paper and tend to write straight onto the computer, I like having the freedom of paper to think! But I type a lot quicker than I write, so that works for me

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