Guest post on the business of introverts

I am an introvert – working in an extroverted industry and so I was really pleased to be asked to guest post over at the Business of Introverts. We tend not to speak about being an introvert and of course when you are self employed received wisdom tells us to do all sorts of non introverted things – network! Work in cafes! This blog covers that and gives great advice on how to work in a way which suits the introverted mind.


I am an introvert, who works in the arts, which can at times be a tricky combination, as a lot of people who work in the arts are very extroverted! I am self employed and I have a mixture of clients, some for whom my work is research, writing and strategic thinking, for others I run events and projects, often with artists and young people.

Balance is key for me to maintain my introverted sanity – this is important, not only to me, but for my clients as well. Projects and events can easily take up all of one’s energy, which is not fair as it can leave one drained and not able to deliver well to all clients.

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