Finding the right space

There is something about having the right space which is important to me, and I have often found myself saying I would be able to write if I had the right space, play music, meditate better, create amazing art, have a better yoga practice. etc etc etc.

Like most people I have the space I have and nothing, aside from a very miraculous and large financial windfall, is going to change that. And so I have learnt to find ways of not having the perfect space stop me from doing everything that I want to do…

I have my yoga mat ready to go in the study, there isn’t a great deal of room, I have to be careful otherwise I bash myself on bits of furniture, but an imperfect practice is better than no practice.

If I wait until I have my huge white zen room of my dreams I am never going to do yoga or meditat. I meditate and pray on my yoga mat – it saves the energy of having to get up after I have done my physio exercises/yoga.

As much as I would like a beautiful little hide away to do my writing; a cosy little space which is quiet and tucked away, if I waited for this then I would never do any writing. I also do that at my desk, which is a work horse of a space – I really make it work! This is helped by the fact that I generally keep a very clear desk – it has two lamps (this house is very dark and I need the light to draw), my little jar with eggshells and feathers I have found on walks and a photo of when my husband and I were first together in a pretty frame. My laptop tucks away at the end into the alcove the desk is pushed into, which means it looks really clear to work on. I do my writing and work here, drawing, painting and journalling.

My music practice now happens in the bedroom, I can tuck my drum behind my bedside table and kantele and ukulele in the same place. It is certainly not ideal, it makes the room look a lot more cluttered but it does mean that I can play in a different room to the study. By the time I want to play music (ie after everyone else is up – both my husband and neighbours) Gavin wants to use the study for working, gaming or studying – his desk is behind mine.

Of course space is affected by time, or at least the issues are the same – finding space, finding time can all be difficult when you have to take into account other people’s requirements – whether that is paid work, voluntary work, partners, children, extended family, pets, friends and neighbours/flatmates.

I get up early to have space and time to myself, so that I can do my physio exercises, yoga, meditate, pray and write long before anyone else is up. That for me is the best way to make the most of the space in the house. I often find myself torn as to what to best spend my precious morning time on…… I feel like I need to get up earlier and earlier to have this space to myself. But I also suffer from fatigue so getting up any earlier than I already do isn’t a good idea!

What do you do to create space in your life?


  1. In six weeks I am moving to a more easily organized apartment, in a new town. Even though I am getting rid of a stunning amount of stuff, and even though there is plenty of wonderful space to put the remaining stuff, I am certain that what I want to do right there and what I hope to experience over in that other spot, everything will find its way to where is likes to be.

    Everything in its place is not just about where I think it should be. Sometimes the work chooses its own path, which is why I am pretty sure that my easel and paints are likely to end up in that corner of the new kitchen. Yep.

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