Each one teach one

Plan B is a young, hip-hop/rapper, whose work I had admired for a while now and he recently spoke at the Tedx Observer meetings.

His message is ‘each one teach one’, taken from a Jacob Miller song, the idea being that we can all help one person to reach their potential.

This is what I want to do – using stories to help young people, especially those in PRUs or turnaround centres to develop their skills, literacy and self confidence. I feel that schools have failed many young people, especially those who come from dysfunctional families, and I want to help them change their future. In my recent supply work I have been told by a group of 15 year old boys that they want to become drug dealers when they finish school. I talked to them about prison and violence, but they really believed this was their only option for money and respect.

I worked with them for three lessons, analysing war poetry, but using Call of Duty and the senses as the starting point. By the end of my time with them they were working on the poems by themselves, writing detailed critiques, as well as writing about why it was good and why it was bad to serve in the armed forces. To start with they did not have the confidence to write a sentence.

I was working in unusual circumstances, but they needed the chance to approach things differently and I have the skills to do this.

Watch Plan B’s video here.

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