DSCF0884Being self employed it can be easy to let things happen: good things, major things, projects completed well- and not celebrate them. Great, that’s finished, now I need to get on with all these other things that I haven’t done while I was getting that project to completion.

This isn’t good.

If we were working in a company the chances are that the team would celebrate when the project was finished. There would be a little downtime after that last big push.

Sometimes freelancing can feel like we are always on the go, juggling multiple clients and projects. There isn’t time to stop and celebrate. And that is wrong.

When I finished and launched my Guide for Freelancers I didn’t celebrate. It has taken two years to evolve from the original series of blog posts into an ebook and I had to figure out a lot of things along the way – setting up a shop which complied with EU VAT regulations, how to format a book into Kindle etc etc.

But I sent out the blog post and just carried on working like it wasn’t a big deal. It was a big deal, I had written my first book! I had overcome the fear enough to do it. After a couple of weeks I felt a sadness creeping up on me. After some time journalling and analysing I realised it was because I had just put it live like any other blog post and carried on regardless. A bit of me was screaming for recognition. I talked to my husband and we went out for a meal and he raised a toast to me. I felt good, happy and proud of myself for my hard work.

You could see this as being completely self involved, but really I needed that pat on the back. A time out from the everyday work to say, YES, I have done this and I deserve recognition.

The sadness passed and I was then able to get on with my next creative project.

What about you – is there anything that you haven’t celebrated that you should do? Do you celebrate your achievements?

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  1. I would say that everybody should celebrate their achievements, because they should be happy that they accomplished something in life. I will, definitely; celebrate, when I receive my Master’s degree in Classical Studies. Earning a Master’s degree would be the biggest achievement that I ever accomplished in my life, because it is not so easy to earn a Master’s degree.

  2. This is such a great post Jen! I can completely relate to this. I celebrate my student’s achievements with them, but never stop to celebrate my own. I’m going to make more of a concerted effort to do this to appreciate & celebrate my achievements instead of letting them pass un-noticed. Congratulations on getting your e-book out & all the hard work behind it! You’ve worked really hard for that & deserve to celebrate it. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  3. It certainly is a major achievement getting a Masters Silvia. But don’t wait until you get it – that is a major, long term project – are there smaller achievements you can celebrate along the way.

    I think your Masters will deserve a serious week long celebration!

  4. Jen, I understand very well that getting a Master’s degree is a long-term process and it can be challenging at times. I have just started doing a Master’s degree 4 months ago and I am in the two-year program. Therefore, I have to wait quite a while until I receive it like almost two years. The discussion questions, the EMAs, and EMA questions can be quite challenging and vague. I always tend to get a head start, so that I do not fall behind. If I do get my Master’s degree, I will, definitely; celebrate for a week. I will go to the movies, eat out in a restaurant, and watch my favorite T.V. programs. How did you find your Master’s degree, when you were doing it? I forgot to congratulate on you getting your Ebook published. I am so happy that you achieved your goal in getting your book published. Congratulations, Jen!

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