Good charities spend on admin

In today’s Guardian I am delighted to see an article stating that Donors should not favour charities that have low administration costs as they are likely to be low performers, new evidence has suggested. As an arts manager I obviously believe that charities should have good administration at their core. I think that a strong set of… Continue reading Good charities spend on admin

Ebac back down

Well I, like many other educationalists breathed a sigh of relief at the back down on the new eBac. For me, as an arts person, the narrowing of the curriculum and the focus away from the arts was a horrible thing, mainly as it was stifling creativity, by reducing the chances that young people had… Continue reading Ebac back down

December newsletter

I have decided to do infrequent, informal newsletters, and here is my first one. December newsletter If you would like to get the next edition straight into your inbox then just fill in your details on the left!    

MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy

I am very proud to have passed my MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths with a Merit! I loved my time at Goldsmiths and the opportunities it has provided for me to stretch myself, especially on my dissertation, business plan and giving me the confidence through the Entrepreneurial Modelling module to become self employed,… Continue reading MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy

Arts council cuts

There is a highly depressing article in the Guardian today entitled How deep do the arts council cuts go? Although the whole article highlights time and time again the negative impact of the cuts on the arts, what really stands out for me is the cuts to the education departments. By far the hardest-hit department… Continue reading Arts council cuts

Values and your business

Values are tricky, it is easy to say that they are important to you when things are good and everything is easy. It is not so easy to stick to them when opportunities come up. I had the chance to be featured in a national newspaper, admittedly talking about the importance of proper inhaler use… Continue reading Values and your business

ACE cuts impact

The BBC has spoken about how More than one in 10 arts companies who lost all of their core Arts Council of England funding have shut down or are closing, according to research. I have to say I am not surprised, this is very tough times for arts organisations,  with local councils having cut their… Continue reading ACE cuts impact

Each one teach one

Plan B is a young, hip-hop/rapper, whose work I had admired for a while now and he recently spoke at the Tedx Observer meetings. His message is ‘each one teach one’, taken from a Jacob Miller song, the idea being that we can all help one person to reach their potential. This is what I… Continue reading Each one teach one