Arts Award Voice article

I have written an article which has been published on Arts Award Voice – the online magazine for young people doing their Arts Award. It is focusing on how to make the Arts Award work for you… Doing your Arts Award gives you a whole range of experiences and teaches you new skills. You need to make… Continue reading Arts Award Voice article

The Etymologicon

During Amazon’s Kindle Christmas sale I went a bit mad and bought lots of books which sounded good and were reduced quite considerably. There has been a mistake or two, but there has also been a few hidden delights Mark Forsyth’s book The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language… Continue reading The Etymologicon

Britten 100 Friday Afternoons in Thurrock

I mentioned here that I was involved in the Britten 100 project which was being run by the Thurrock Music Services and how it is part of a much wider project, which huge numbers of young people performing across the country. Thurrock Music Services decided to approach this differently, rather than expecting the children to perform… Continue reading Britten 100 Friday Afternoons in Thurrock

Care vs Control: healthy relationships

I am the leader of the 4th Grays Rangers– who are the Senior Section (14-25) of the Girlguiding movement. This is a voluntary position which I have taken because I was a Guide when I was young and got so much out of it, but also because I want to help support young women in… Continue reading Care vs Control: healthy relationships

Presenting information in the digital age

As part of my work for Trinity College London, on their Arts Award Supporter campaign I have been investigating different ways of presenting all of the information we hold in a way which is accessible for people. We all have preferred ways of receiving information – thinking of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, I personally… Continue reading Presenting information in the digital age