Working for a better outcome

I have to admit, I was prepared for this to be a righteous indignant rant about accessibility or lack there of in conferences… however it has turned into something different and rather more productive. I get a newsletter from Creative Works London on a regular basis and I was taken with the symposium More Than Accessible: […]

The Arts of Asking Book

I have just finished reading ‘The Art of Asking, How I learned to stop worrying and let people help’,( UK,  US)  Amanda Palmer’s book following her TED talk, which I talk about here. This is not a review of the book, it is a response. There are a lot of reviews of this book, not least […]

Blogging from the heart

I am part way through a ‘blogging from the heart’ course with Susannah Conway. The aim of this course is to: This 6-week course is all about creative personal blogging. I’ll teach you how to share your life and heart online as a way to express yourself creatively, dive deep and meet like-minded friends along […]

Supporting artists and writers

There are a lot of blogs which I read and get a great deal of pleasure out of, or provide me with the information that I need. I am quite old fashioned in the belief that you should pay people for their time, I always buy my music and books, even when I can get […]

Opportunity for young writers

Arts Award Voice Editor Arts Award Voice is looking for an enthusiastic, creative and media literate editor to lead and co-ordinate content for this young people’s online arts magazine. You’ll have experience of editing arts content, managing a website and be able to write for young people aged 12-25. Experience working within teams and delegating […]