A guide to living with EDS- HT type

As it is the end of the month this is the last in my series for #edsawareness month of May. I am always interested in writing and speaking opportunities, please do get in touch if you have something I might be interested in. A guide to living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobility type) by  Isobel Knight book… Continue reading A guide to living with EDS- HT type

Fear is a block

I like to think of myself as pretty fearless, but really that isn’t true. Fear is stopping me from completing a couple of major projects right now. I have almost finished my Freelancer’s Toolkit book, it just needs a bit of editing. But I am struggling to get on and do it. But why? I… Continue reading Fear is a block

Sir Terry Pratchett

I was deeply grieved yesterday to hear of Sir Terry Pratchett’s death. His Discworld books have been a comfort and joy to me since I discovered them through a friend and her mum when I was fourteen. I started on The Light Fantastic and if I am honest it was a bit beyond me and… Continue reading Sir Terry Pratchett