Arts Award

This page talks about: my Arts Award Supporter offer; being an adviser for young people directly, or through a centre; and my consultancy offer around Arts Award for arts and cultural organisations.

Arts Award is a unique national qualification that helps young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops their creativity, leadership and communication skills. It is open to anyone up to the age of 25 and embraces all interests and backgrounds.

Arts Award Supporter offer 






I am available to talk to young people about arts administration, arts education, arts management, event management, project management, marketing, and all business related skills.

I run workshops on event planning, writing, becoming a freelance artist, marketing, business skills and developing a creative practice.

My website contains a lot of information about becoming a writer, researcher, consultant, deliverer and coach. This includes articles about how I got to this point in my career. Please feel free to have a look around my website. I am also happy to answer questions from students – look at my policies page.

I have written a guide to being a freelancer – artist, musician, administrator or any other sort of creative freelancer.

Costs: £200 for half a day, plus travel expenses.

Arts Award Adviser & centre






As an adviser I am trained at every level (Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver & Gold), and I support young people through their Arts Award, either as an adviser within a centre, such as a school, or directly.

Because of the way that I work this could be at any level and for any art form. I will not be providing the art experience, just coaching and advising through the Arts Award.

Direct adviser work is likely to be for Silver and Gold Arts Award students.

This will primarily be done through Skype/Facetime and the occasional in person meeting if you are local to me, however I am happy to work with young people across England.

As well as guiding you through your Arts Award I will be coaching and advising you on developing into an artist.

If you sign up with me as your adviser at Silver or Gold directly (rather than through another centre), you will get a free copy of my Guide to being a Freelancer. A lot of the tips in there apply to general study, working creatively and doing your Arts Award too.


Working within a centre – we will agree a set project and I will write a contract. See my costs

Silver Arts Award Adviser coaching with ongoing email support and 6 x 50 min Skype sessions £200.

Gold Arts Award Adviser coaching with ongoing email support and 12 x 50 min Skype sessions £350.

These are special prices for one to one work with Art Award students and there are payment schedules – please see my policy page.

Bursaries are available for students with financial issues in Thurrock, please get in touch. 

Arts Award Consultancy

I offer an Arts Award consultancy, helping organisations to develop their Arts Award offer. This could be in the form of a booklet that young people complete; a week long programme; summer school, Saturday club or so much more.

Jen visited Chelmsford Museum and in one afternoon was able to link the requirements for Arts award Discover level to the museum collections.  She then sketched out a format for our own log book which we were able to immediately develop and offer a highly successful trial session before launching our ongoing offer to schools. Yvonne Lawrence, Learning Services Manager, Chelmsford Museums.

2016 costs

My Arts Award experience 

I work for Trinity College London as an Arts Award Associate, Arts Award Supporter, developing and running the Arts Award Supporter programme.

I have also worked for Royal Opera House Bridge as the Arts Award Programme Manager, where I was responsible for developing Arts Award within the Eastern region, including working with museums, schools and arts and cultural organisations.

I have also developed several programmes for others to develier Arts Award, including workshops, week long courses and term long projects. I have also helped museums to develop booklets for young people to complete and attain their Arts Award.

As such I have an excellent understanding of Arts Award at all levels and in different contexts.

Email : Jen AT Jenfarrant DOT com
Read : my  CV