I am taking part in Susannah Conway’s April Love. I think the last two times have been focused on creating images, but this one is much more word based, as she is calling them Love Letters.


For this year’s challenge I’ve put together a list of 30 prompts inviting you to write — or photograph or draw or collage — a love letter every day in April.

Each prompt starts with “Dear…” and all address various parts of our selves and our world. Every day in April has a different prompt and the idea is to write a daily letter in your journal — or craft a poem or take a photograph or paint a picture or make a collage or write a blog post, etc — in response to the prompt. To practice love, kindness, honesty and probably a smidge of vulnerability, too. To find gratitude for what we have, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Looking ahead to the prompts I know that there are some that already make me deeply uncomfortable, and I’m not sure what to do about that, except to know that when something like this makes me feel like that there is a lot to work through.


I may actually write some of this in my journal and then make something to share on my blog/Instagram. Although I am quite honest and open with my stories there are always other people to consider and I try to make this a realistic, yet positive space.

I know I will miss one or two and I will make them up at the end! I don’t want this to become something to beat myself up over, but I do want to try to commit to sharing something everyday.

  1.  Dear love – missed!
  2. Dear home
  3. Dear feet – missed!
  4. Dear morning
  5. Dear intuition
  6. Dear books
  7. Dear rest
  8. Dear younger me 
  9. Dear imagination – missed!
  10. Dear first love – missed!
  11. Dear hunger – missed!
  12. Dear future me
  13. Dear senses
  14. dear courage – missed!
  15. Dear shadows
  16. dear legs
  17. Dear family – missed
  18. Dear kindness
  19. Dear money – missed
  20. Dear reflection
  21. Dear sky – missed
  22. Dear fear – missed
  23. Dear magic – missed
  24. Dear truth – missed
  25. Dear England – missed
  26. Dear heart
  27. Dear change
  28. Dear laughter
  29. Dear sanctuary
  30. Dear Jen

There is still time to join in – visit Susannah’s page. I can highly recommend her courses!

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  1. YEs I love her courses, there aren’t any tests or assessment though. You do have to pay for them, but she runs free things in April, August and another time in the year, which I forget

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