You have permission to fail

As I said I am taken the very brave plunge into taking an online art class – Sketchbook Skool. So far I am having a whale of a time working completely out of my comfort zone and really enjoying finding out that I am not so complelety rubbish as I thought! Don’t get me wrong you will not be seeing my work in the Tate Modern any time soon, but I am getting a lot of pleasure and even relaxation from learning to draw, to slow down and see things as they are.

If you know me at all you will know that I approach things at top speed with 100% energy, so it wonderful for me to do something new which actively requires me to slow down and take my time!

I think a large part of my enjoyment of this class has been because of a video they showed us of Ira Glass talking about being a beginner. Do go and see if, for some reason it will not embed properly.

He says that nobody tells beginners that you will be rubbish for a couple of years and the only way to get through this is to great a huge body of work and you will get better.

This permission to be completely rubbish at Sketchbook Skool has allowed me to get started, to dig out my watercolours that I bought in the sale a while ago with the hope of being able to use them and to just go for it. Knowing that my pages will be a mess and that’s ok. Its not even that it is ok – everyone will be rubbish for a couple of years -that is just to be expected.

I wish that someone had told me that years ago, it is the most wonderful thing I have heard!

And actually I am proud of one piece I have created. There are 7 that I think are awful but I am still enjoying myself, becoming more aware of my enviornment and generally slowing down for a bit while I am sketching. It is a practice of mindfulness, something which I am always trying to cultivate in my life.


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