Are you sure your potential customers understand what difference you can make to them? Sharing the story of your company can be hard, you may need an outsider to help you to polish up what you say so that your message cuts through the noise. It maybe that you need to update the way you talk about your company, or even share your story across more platforms. This is where I can help.

I write in various tones and ‘voices’ to suit different publications and settings, including formal business, academy and informal. For larger organisations I can fit in with your own style to ensure strong continuity.

Articles/blog posts

I write factual or opinion articles for magazines, papers and blogs and am open to commissions.

I can also write articles for your business or organisation on any topic which you (or I) can submit to industry publications.


If you need to report on an aspect of your business, e.g. for stakeholders, it is useful to bring in an external consultant, such as myself to do this. I have written evaluative reports for Arts Council England, as well as on large research and development projects.

I can do this as a stand-alone project, or as part of a larger research project.


If you want an ebook about your business to help promote it or to show your skills and knowledge, then I can do this for you. I learn and understand new topics quickly nd then find clear ways to communicate this.

We have to build a good working relationship so that you feel comfortable sharing your knowledge with me, and I will tease the great story out of you. This is normally done by Skype. I also do my own reading around resources you point me towards.

Marketing collateral

Finding a clear and consistent way to communicate what your business or organistion does can be difficult and I do this for you. From brochures, web pages, case studies, newsletters and blog posts I can do it all. Working with me brings a fresh pair of eyes to what you do and can help to frame things in a different way which can help you reach new clients.

I can provide examples on request.

Presentations and workshops

As a qualified teacher and someone who has developed and delivered numerous workshops and presentations on many different topics I fully understand how to engage people and make what you have to say interesting and memorable.

My skills in understanding technical or difficult information stands me in good stead here – if you need to communicate something technical to non technical people I can find a way to do that. More

Proofing and editing 

A second eye is always welcome on things you have written. From short pieces through to ebooks I can work with you to proof, or to proof and make editing suggestions.

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