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For 2015 I chose three words as my guiding focus for the year – these were creativity, contentment and compassion. I gave a detailed reflection half-way through the year.

Not much has changed since then and I think it’s because I really have tried to live my life like that. When I decided on those words I was very ill and I am convinced that focusing on them has helped me to be much better again. Between them they have created a strong enviornment for both healing and living well.

I truly believe that we are always striving and looking to achieve and this isn’t great for our health and well being and it certainly isn’t good for our souls.

I have now finished work for the year and I am having a good long break through to the 4th of January. This means that I have started my reflection on the year and looking forward to the next.

Living well continues to be a strong focus for me, this includes managing my health, but it is oh so much more than that. It means to live as well as I can as me. Finding who and where Me* is of course is difficult. It is hard to unpeel Me from people’s expectionations of Me, my expectations of Me, what society expects, etc etc.

I am a deeply introverted person and I spend a great deal of time reflecting, journalling, praying, meditating etc etc. All in an attempt to get to the authentic Me. I don’t believe it is selfish to want to be the best Me that I can. If we were all living according to our true selves then I think the world would be a much happier place.

Focusing on compassion, contentment and creativity has allowed me to step closer to Me. I don’t think I am there yet. But I certainly aim to keep walking in the way of these things.

I haven’t decided on my word/s for next year, I may focus on what it is that I want to feel again: like a writer, a seeker, a creative freelancer, healthy, divinely connected. There will be a few goals that come out of that, but how I want to feel will shape my days, how I will spend my time. I’m not going to feel divinely connected by spending hours arsing around on the internet wasting time; I’m not going to feel healthy if I eat takeaway every day.

Focusing on how I want to feel is more flexible than setting new year’s resolutions, it is a much kinder and positive way of phrasing things. Most new year’s resolutions are don’ts rather than dos. Focusing on positive feelings are definitley a positive way to view the year.

So, that’s it. I’m not working again until the 4th of January, so don’t expect anymore blog posts until then!! I hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and families.

*Did you get the Dr Who reference? If not, I strongly recommend you catch up with it on iPlayer while you still have a chance.

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  1. It is good that you relax during the Christmas holidays. Taking too much stress is not good for anyone’s health. You can enjoy the outdoors in the U.K, at least it does not get very cold and have snow and ice like in Canada. Having a rest is good for everyone! Enjoy your holiday and I write to you after Christmas.

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