What you do every day…

…is what you become.

I want to be a writer. Therefore I need to write each day.

I want to be a musician, therefore I need to play each day.

Not all of my writing gets to be seen. I have written an entire novel that I don’t think will see the light of day. Many blog posts don’t get out into the world. Then of course there is my soul book, which does provide me with a a lot of inspiration for my writing but it is not something I will share publicly.

I am begining to spend more and more time on music and writing as this is where I have decided to place my focus.

I want to do more writing for work purposes – big, chunky, meaty projects where I need to research in order to do the work. I hope that as I put it out that there I am available for research and writing that the message will spread and more and I will get more writing work.

In the meantime I continue to work on my own projects, my own research and writing. So that when that big writing and research project does land I am limber and ready to go.

What about you? What do you want to be? How can you work towards that everyday?

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