Visit to Rennes

I came back from Rennes on Saturday, where I was meeting with the rest of the cross channel team I am working with for The Gateway Learning Community. This is the ACT network – standing for A Common Territory.

We have gained funding from Europe, from the Interreg fund, under the heading of ‘making where you live a good place to work, live and visit’. Culture is seen as a valid way of doing this.

There have been many projects happening with our partners already, many of them based in Thurrock.

As part of the meeting we went to a performance of Verdi’s Requiem at the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne. The rest of the partners involved were Orchestre de Picardie, Royal Opera House and the Brighton Festival Chorus. In the programme there was the ACT logo as well as the URLs for all of the partners invovled in the project. It really is a strange feeling to be sat in another country and see the organisation you are working for listed in the progrmme, even though you are not directly involved with this project.

I have come away from the 2 day meeting feeling excited and looking forward to the rest of this project, I am still to be involved in a couple more of the events, including a production of Noyes Flodde and workshops with Southend YMCA, Comedie de Picardie and Orchestre de Picardie.

Working on projects like this are highly challenging, the language issue can sometimes cause slight complications, as can different cultures, who have different ways of working. The paperwork which has to be kept and the way in which is has to be filled in to claim the money from Interreg is a nightmare. And yet, it is all worth while. I am greatly looking forward to the work in the new year and working with all of the partners.

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