Turn it off

You know – those phones do come with an off switch.
So does wi-fi.
Or you can turn your phone into ‘do not disturb’ or even ‘flight’ mode.
Or use software blockers, such as Freedom to block the entire internet or parts of it.
Go and do something outside.
Go and create something.
Go on, turn it off.

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  1. Ha – if I wasn’t taking my mum-in-law to Scotland today I might do that, but all the family wants to be in touch, and expect photos and hourly updates!
    Maybe I will next Friday though, when I’ve at last scheduled some time for me and my husband.
    Sounds a great idea, I’ll keep you posted ;-)… Oh wait…

  2. Ooooh. Scary. Sounds like a Halloween trick and a wise thing to do all at the same time.

    Like when I gave up reading for a while so that I would not be using it as a crutch to avoid doing other things.

    Oh, dear, the outdoors beckons.

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