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It is that time of year, where the amount of light coming into us is lessened and it seems like we spend a lot of the day in darkness, or at the least gloom. I have suffered quite a bit in the last few winters, often feeling very low and so last year I got a SAD light from Lumie.

Wow! Is it bright! Really, really bright. I use it when I sit down in the mornings, after my yoga and meditation sessions and it really helps. I think it helps me with my early starts, as I get a high dosage of bright light just over an hour after waking, which I am sure helps to set my body clock.

I do make an effort to take Buster, my Springer Spaniel, out early afternoon for his long walk, so I get a dose of proper sunshine as well, but that just isn’t always possible and I have to rely on my husband, dog walker, or go out at the end of the day in the fading light.

It really does make me feel better – I only have it on for half an hour or so, normally when I am writing first thing, but all the same it does help a great deal, I feel myself perking up as I am using it and feeling happier! If you feel like your work and life generally starts to suffer in the winter then please do give it a try, mine cost just shy of £100 and it really was money very well spent.

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