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This is a continuation of my ‘tools of the trade’ series. You can see the rest of them by clicking here. Very occasionally they will contain affiliate links, which will be marked with an (a) after the link. These do not cost you anything, and will give me a small fee, or  free software. Out of the whole Tools of the Trade series I think there are just three affiliate links, out of the 11 posts I currently have planned. 

I am not sure when I first found out about MITs, but they are certainly talked about in my online business group (a) and Zen Habits, but I have picked these up and use them. These are your Most Important Tasks and the idea is that you complete these before anything else. You should really only have three at the most for each day.

I personally write these down at the end of the working day for the next working day (so on a Friday I write Monday’s). I do these at the start of my day before I open my emails or switch on my phone. They tend to be the big, important things which make a difference to my business or my clients, but can easily get over taken by the urgent emails or calls which can come in. I often use Freedom when I am working on them to block the internet and all its distractions. For example they could be: blog posts, newsletters, case studies, blue sky thinking, planning, reports, research etc. All of which really need uninterrupted time in order for them to be done.

Although I have suggested three, if I am working on a big task it may only be one. And actually it might not be to complete the whole project, but to work on it for a period of time.

Another key point is to make sure when you write down your MITS that you gather all of the information you need to do them and put them in one place. It maybe that you need to download something from the internet or your emails and put them on your hard drive, or in Evernote before you finish for the end of the day. Then, when you switch on your computer you are ready to go and start working without having to find everything first.

As I have said before the morning is by far the best time for me to work, for you it might be another time.

Do you use a method to getting your most important work done, or do you find it gets swallowed up by the things demanding your attention NOW?

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