Tools of the Trade – Medic Alert

This is rather an unusual ‘tool of the trade’ and you might be wondering about the title – medic alert? How is that relevant?

When you join a company as part of your induction process you will have to fill in a form on which you state any medical issues and provide the contact details for your next of kin, in case anything happens to you when you are at work.

As a freelancer think of a general week. How many locations are you in? How many clients are you seeing? How many of them know about urgent medical requirements or your partner’s details?

I am allergic to the penicillin family. And on most days this is of no consequence what so ever. If I was involved in an accident this could be a real problem, as the penicillin family is the most common antibiotics. And yes I have ICE (in case of emergency) contact details on my phones, but my phones are PIN locked.

So I wear one of these

medic alert dog tag
medic alert dog tag

This is one of my medic alerts – this is my dog tag one which I wear when I am walking the dog or dressed casually. I have a nice one which I wear for when I have meetings and a sports one on a velcro strap.

Mine are Medic Alert specific ones, I pay an annual fee and on the back on this and all of my IDs is the key things (asthmatic, allergic to penicillin) people need to know in a medical emergency and then my membership number. Medical people are trained to look for these at pulse points (hence necklaces and bracelets) and they know they can call the number and give my membership number and they will have access to all of my medical records and my husband’s contact details. As I am on a number of medications it is important that medical people have access to this information immediately.

My husband made me get one initially because I used to have a motorbike, but now I like knowing that if something were to happen to me then staff have the right information to treat me well. Gavin is diabetic and on a variety of medications and he has one too. Although we made sure not to get matching ones!

medic alert wallet card
medic alert wallet card

Has this made you think? If you are in an accident at a client’s office do they know your medical history and how to get hold of your loved ones? What about if you do events and are all over the place, often just with your phone?

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