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This is a continuation of my ‘tools of the trade’ series. You can see the rest of them by clicking here. Very occasionally they will contain affiliate links, which will be marked with an (a) after the link. These do not cost you anything, and will give me a small fee, or  free software. Out of the whole Tools of the Trade series I think there are just three affiliate links, out of the 11 posts I currently have planned. 

I am not talking about all of the freedom which comes from being self employed, but a software programme which gives you the freedom to work.

Freedom to work? Surely we all have freedom to work?

Well, yes, but there is always the siren call of the internet, the ‘I’ll just look this up’, and then 20 minutes later finding yourself stuck in Facebook or Twitter.

Freedom blocks the internet for a defined period of time which you set. You cannot get around it once it has been set, turning your computer on and off again does not work, you cannot access the programme at all. Marvellous!

I often set Freedom first thing in the morning, so that I can work through a variety of things, including my MITs before I get sucked into emails. It also means I can have an extended thought processs without being interrupted.

The morning when I wrote this, with 2.5 hours of Freedom I wrote two blog schedules, 13 blog posts and developed the idea for the ‘Tools of the Trade’ series.

We all have to deal with emails, look things up on the internet and interact with social media, and I would never argue otherwise.

But sometimes, it is nice to escape from that and have pure uninterrupted time.

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