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This is the first in a series of weekly posts of tools I use as a self employed freelancer. I normally blog on a Monday, but I will be posting this series on a Thursday so as not to interrupt normal postings! Very occasionally they will contain affiliate links, which will be marked with an (a) after the link. These do not cost you anything, and will give me a small fee, or  free software. Out of the whole Tools of the Trade series I think there are just three affiliate links, out of the 11 posts I currently have planned. 

I have called them tools, even though sometimes I will be talking about physical things and other times software, or even ideas. They are my tools of the trade of being a researcher, writer, strategic & creative thinker and an expert in arts and education. I also think they will be suitable for a lot of people, whatever their profession. I work a lot at home and at clients’ premises, as well as coffee shops between meetings.

I am going to kick off with Evernote. (a) Evernote is my external brain. I cannot think how I would function without it any more. In fact, here is a video of what it is and how it works as they explain it so well.

I use Evernote for so many things, each of my clients has a notebook, I have my to-do lists here, blog planning, blog posts, ideas for things, meeting notes, random stuff which might be useful one day and even all of my recipets filed electronically.

As it syncs across all of my devices I always have the information I need with me.

I can email myself stuff, which means I can keep all of my inboxes at zero, which makes me feel so much better about myself.

I have lost track of the number of people I have recommended Evernote to, who then use it all the time. It is a freemium tool, so free to use with a generous upload capacity. I switched to being a premium user over a year ago, as I believe in supporting people. There are also additional facilities which I have started to use and couldn’t do without now, although I managed before I had them.

I highly recommend you give Evernote a go!

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