Tools of the Trade – Early Starts

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I am an early bird, there is no doubt about it and I can be awake and fully functioning in about ten seconds from being woken up. I feel at my best in the mornings and I work extremely well at this time.

There are no distractions at all, my street is quiet, my husband in still in bed and there are no phone calls or emails coming in at all.

I set my alarm for 5.30am, start off with about an hour of meditation and yoga, then make a pot of loose leaf tea and head up to my desk.

I power through work at this time in the morning and I often combine it with two other tools – Freedom and MITs (to be written about very soon) to make the most of my mornings. I am most productive at this time and only work on things which require a lot of thought – for example writing, research, thinking, planning etc. I do not use this time to catch up on my online reading or emails.

After a couple of hours I will stop, take the dog for his short walk, have breakfast and then carry on working. About 10am ish I switch on my phone and emails and deal with them By lunchtime I will often have completed a full day’s work.

I always try to schedule meetings in the afternoon, or at the very least, late morning, so that I have this most precious of times to myself.

This is the best way of working for me, other people’s body clocks are different, but I think the key is finding out what time of day is the best for you to do the concentation work, the work which makes a difference, but is easily lost by other demands, especially the internet and email. Then use that time to take advantage of it.

It is far too easy for us to be responding to other people and get distracted away from our important work, the bit that makes the difference to our work. For me, early starts (combined with Freedom and MITs) are by far the best way to do this.


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