Tools of the Trade – Dropbox

I have been using Dropbox for quite a while now, and it is vital to my business.

It is a way of sharing with files with different people and storing my work in the cloud. For me the biggest reason for doing this is that if something were to happen to my laptop I can carry on working straight away on another computer. I use an online back up tool in addition to this (belts and braces!) but with Dropbox I can access files straight away and pretty much have no disruption to my business.

I keep all of my files, bar photos and music on it, and means that I can also access documents via my iPad if I have 3G/wireless access, or I have saved it as a favourite. This is invaluable while at client meetings, as I can generally lay my hands on information very quickly.

It works by downloading a file to your computer, which essentially acts as another folder in your computer.

It also helps when working with people in disparate locations, as we can share files quickly and easily. I work with many of my clients in Dropbox and it helps a great deal to make life easier for us all.

Like many pieces of software I started off using the free version and then upgraded to the premium over time, mainly as I found it so useful and I wanted to store more and more files here.

This is a continuation of my ‘tools of the trade’ series. You can see the rest of them by clicking here. Very occasionally they will contain affiliate links, which will be marked with an (a) after the link. These do not cost you anything, and will give me a small fee, or free software. Out of the whole Tools of the Trade series I think there are just three affiliate links, out of the 11 posts I currently have planned.


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