tight calves

Oh dear, the blisters on my feet are so bad and in so many places that I can’t wear shoes at the moment, luckily we are having a strange heatwave and I can get away with my birkenstocks. I have some compeed coming in my Sainsbury’s deliver tonight, so I am hoping that will allow me to put my trainers on and go for a run!

As you know, I have very tight calves and I as part of my foam rollering I tried to do my thighs as well and I actually let out a yelp of pain! I felt like I just wanted to have all of the pain released. And I suddenly thought about acupuncture.

Now, I have been seeing the amazing Jennie Chew for a couple of years for deep tissue massage when my back or shoulders start to play up. She has a great technique of mixing up sports massage, Tui Na (Chinese massage) and acupuncture for a wonderful result. I never  get a nice relaxing massage, but I always come out feeling great. I would love to have a regular monthly or twice a month session with her, but as I have been a student or working very part time for the past three years I haven’t been able to afford to, and so I just go to her when things are bad.

So, anyway. I told her about my tight calves and thighs and she said that acupuncture was the way forward. So, lots of needles in down the outside of both legs it was! I would have taken a picture for you, but I was worried that I might freak out if I actually saw what it looked like!

Jennie did her thing of manipulating the needles, removing them when the ‘dull ache’ had gone away and then massaging my whole legs. She told me to stand up at the end and the difference was amazing, I felt like I could move my legs properly.

This has already made a real difference to my training and running as my legs are a lot freer, so I will try to maintain this by massage, rollering and stretching.

If you are in Essex and you feel like your body just needs ‘sorting out’ I highly recommend Jennie.

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