TIFF 2014

I was delighted to receive some complimentary tickets through the post for some showings at the Thurrock International Film Festival, which is happening the last week of September.

The film festival is something which I think we need more of in Thurrock – cultural events which bring the community together. Not only is this a showing of professionally made films, but there is a competition element to it, with people able to submit their own films to be judge by a very impressive line up of judges.

Throughout the week of the festival there are many public events and workshops to attend.  Alongside the short film screenings are several classic feature films, films previously shown include Singin’ In The Rain, Dirty Dancing, Independence Day, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, The Sound of Music and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

I am particularly looking forward to going to the sing a long Grease performance and to see some of the entries into the film competition.

As I fully know, it is very difficult to make events like this happen in the current climate and I know that Ben and Natalie, who are the founders, work extremely hard to make this happen. The films will be shown at the Thameside in Grays and I urge you to book tickets to this wonderful event, bring your kids to see Mary Poppins, or catch new films from promising new directors!

You can find out more here, or books your tickets here!

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  1. I have seen one of the animated shorts. Frabbits, I think is the title. It is about critters inside of other critters. If you think too hard about it, those thoughts move into the realm of true creepiness, but it was cute anyway.

    I think I will go visit the site and see if I can find some of the animations on-line, since the chances that I will make it across the big water in time. 🙂

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