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One of my key foci is contentment and a big aspect of this is simplicity, so when I moved in with Gavin I decided that I didn’t need my stereo, I could just use his in the dining room and my laptop the rest of the time. I didn’t need an extra thing to listen to music with. When I was at a work event I came across a tiny Bose speaker which is connected by Bluetooth to a phone/laptop etc. I was blown away by the sound quality on it. I thought about this for a while, added it to my Christmas wishlist and Gavin very kindly bought me one.

I love it, and all of a sudden I am listening to music again in a way that I haven’t pretty much since I moved in and got rid of my speakers. My little speaker is easy to pick up and move to what ever room I am in. I LOVE listening to music, it gives me great pleasure, helps me to relax. Why have I denied myself this for so long? Part of this is I had forgotten just how important music is to me, I had forgotten how much I love it and listening to good quality sound too. I really don’t understand how this happened, I have always spent out on excellent sound systems in the past because of how importnat it was to me. I think that this is something that happens as we get older, it is too easy to lose those key things which make us us, as we get caught up in working. There is also something about denial and making do.

My husband’s main hobby is painting miniatures. He has been doing this since he was a child and up until recently he had been making do with cheapy brushes from Hobbycraft, you know the type that you buy a pack of twenty for about £2 and they then leave hairs everywhere. There was a Kickstarter for minuture brushes and he backed it. There is something about Kickstarter which gives me permission to buy things because it is helping other people, I wonder if that is the key reason why it is so successful? Anyway he recieved his brushes and they are lovely – really high quality. He takes care of them, he bought special brush soap and doesn’t leave them sitting in the water when he has finished with them. They have made his hobby so much easier to do and he takes great pleasure in using such quality items when he is doing one of his favourite things.

travel paint brushes lying on a light wooden table

Although neither the brushes, nor the speaker were especially cheap, they are an excellent investment in ourselves, enabling us to do what we love. Although it is an extra ‘thing’ and as a whole I try not to keep buying more stuff these are things which brings both of us great joy mainly because they allow us to DO something which makes us happy.

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