The importance of music

I heard London Grammar a couple of times on the radio and decided to download the album If You Wait. I have to say I absolutley love it, it is wonderful. I can easily have it on repeat in the background while I am writing for hours.

The singer’s voice is haunting and the music gentle and yet so engaging. There a couple of songs where I have to take a break when they come on and just listen to the music.

Like many people when I was younger I was obsessed with music and I have already written about my obsession with Tori Amos. There are several artists where I have all of their albums. And like a lot of people my purchasing of music has decreased as I have gotten older. If you wait has made me want to change that and get back into my music again, going to gigs, finding out about new albums, and if possible creating music again. I used to just lie in my room and listen to album after album, I think I need to make room in my life for this again.

What doesn’t help is that my voice is suited, if anything, to more classical work and I like to sing rock, or female artists’ work. My voice doesn’t work like this. Also, singing on my own? That’s no fun! Somewhere there exists some trance and dance tracks with my vocals on them. I don’t think they were ever released but I like to think they are still in existence somewhere.

I used to play the drums, quite well actually – I did four grades and I was the drummer in a band (oh yeah!). But I taught my dad to play the drums and he now has my drum kit, I also don’t know where I would fit an entire drum kit in a mid terraced house! I do still have my flute and I think I am going to go back to having lessons again.

We shall see, but none the less, I think I do need to make more time for music.

And I urge you to go and buy the London Grammar album!

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