Making conducting accessible for all

  Most of the work that I do in the arts is on the management side of things, very rarely am I actually in the room when the work is being made. This May was different, I spent a week with Royal Academy of Music Open Academy students and the incredibly talented James Rose.  I… Continue reading Making conducting accessible for all

#AprilLove2016 Dear legs

Dear legs. It’s not so long ago that we were literally running around the place, doing adventure races through London, horse jump courses at night and the Olympic mountain bike course. You were so strong and bringing me huge amounts of adrenaline through racing, running half marathons, training for a full marathon and doing triathlons… Continue reading #AprilLove2016 Dear legs


Another post for #edsawareness month. I started seeing my rehab lady back in February and I only got to see her due to a chain of events, but once again me being quite pushy got the results that I needed. And once again I thank all the privildge that I have (articulate, confident, not being afraid… Continue reading Rehab

Being a part-time wheelchair user

This blog post has been inspired by this great mumsnet article (not a place I frequent usually) about how a wheelchair user feels she has to ‘perform’ her disability. When getting out of my wheelchair to climb into the car I have two signature moves. One is to stand up and to loudly declare to… Continue reading Being a part-time wheelchair user

The fight for a wheelchair – part 2

This is part 2 of 3 read part 1 – here I emailed Access to work and said I was very flexible (ha!) and that I could easily fit around him if he had a late notice cancellation. As I said my ROH managers sent an email directly to my Access to Work assessor explaining my… Continue reading The fight for a wheelchair – part 2

The fight for a wheelchair – part 1

After several times at work when I was not able to work short distances anymore I realised I needed a wheelchair. It had got to the point where I was avoiding going anywhere as I was afraid my legs were going to collapse underneath me. I tried crutches and these were great for short distances,… Continue reading The fight for a wheelchair – part 1

Back from my break

I am back from my break now and I am quite proud that I managed to have a complete break – no work emails, phone calls, blogging. I managed to stay away from Pinterest, Feedly, Instagram and Twitter too. I stayed on Facebook, but I just keep that for friends and family rather than business… Continue reading Back from my break