Supporting artists and writers

There are a lot of blogs which I read and get a great deal of pleasure out of, or provide me with the information that I need. I am quite old fashioned in the belief that you should pay people for their time, I always buy my music and books, even when I can get […]

The importance of music

I heard London Grammar a couple of times on the radio and decided to download the album If You Wait. I have to say I absolutley love it, it is wonderful. I can easily have it on repeat in the background while I am writing for hours. The singer’s voice is haunting and the music […]

My response to the Art of Asking

Wow, you have to watch this TED talk – Amanda Palmer and the Art of Asking. I think it is the best ┬áTED talk I have seem and that really is saying something. I don’t want to quote from it, or explain in detail in case you think you then don’t need to watch it. […]