Making Music accessible

I’ve been published in High Notes, the Making Music publication. It focuses on making music groups accessible to people physical difficulties. I have written extensively how playing in a band has made me a much better musician, but also how it has helped me to win back my sense of self, and something to focus… Continue reading Making Music accessible

Rolling up to represent

I recently filmed several short videos for Arts Award Supporter – I created the idea, wrote the script, produced it and directed it. It was really exciting and utterly exhausting, but well worth it. I am presenting in one of the films. I’ve just had the first cuts come back and I’m really disappointed in… Continue reading Rolling up to represent

The fight for a wheelchair – part 3

Read part 1 here  Read part 2 here  So, I have another appointment with wheelchair services to see GBL, this time at Thurrock Wheelchair Services, and he brings along the chair I want and the one that the NHS will provide. Even with the lightweight one from the NHS fatigues me quickly. The occupational health… Continue reading The fight for a wheelchair – part 3