Grays Street Festival 2014

In July I was responsible for running the Grays Street Festival for 2014 for Thurrock International Celebration of Culture.  I was so proud of the outcome, there were professional and local artists all performing in the high street, on a busy market Saturday. This was free of charge for anyone who was around on that… Continue reading Grays Street Festival 2014

Culture is not about making money

I had to share this with you all, even though it is not a regular posting day and I already have my posts lined up for this week. This is a fabulous article in the Guardian entitled The arts are more than a way to make money, Maria Miller I urge you to read it, as… Continue reading Culture is not about making money

Arts in Thurrock Schools

Friday is the national celebration of Benjamin Brittin’s Friday Afternoons music, and 100,000 young people will be singing his work across the world. Prior to my work on Noyes Fludde I hadn’t heard about Britten, I think I am the wrong generation. However, as is the way of things I am involved in the Friday… Continue reading Arts in Thurrock Schools

Ebac back down

Well I, like many other educationalists breathed a sigh of relief at the back down on the new eBac. For me, as an arts person, the narrowing of the curriculum and the focus away from the arts was a horrible thing, mainly as it was stifling creativity, by reducing the chances that young people had… Continue reading Ebac back down

Arts council cuts

There is a highly depressing article in the Guardian today entitled How deep do the arts council cuts go? Although the whole article highlights time and time again the negative impact of the cuts on the arts, what really stands out for me is the cuts to the education departments. By far the hardest-hit department… Continue reading Arts council cuts

ACE cuts impact

The BBC has spoken about how More than one in 10 arts companies who lost all of their core Arts Council of England funding have shut down or are closing, according to research. I have to say I am not surprised, this is very tough times for arts organisations,  with local councils having cut their… Continue reading ACE cuts impact