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There are a lot of blogs which I read and get a great deal of pleasure out of, or provide me with the information that I need.

I am quite old fashioned in the belief that you should pay people for their time, I always buy my music and books, even when I can get a free version. That’s not always entirely true, for example there are many artists where I have taped the CD from a friend, or these days been given the files, but I have often gone on to buy many of their albums. For example I taped my first ever Tori Amos album and have gone on to buy every one since and attended numerous concerts. I think this is how things used to be!

But the point is, I do believe that artists should be paid for their work. So I will often buy the ecourses or ebooks that bloggers provide as a way to support them. Often these have been so good that I have gone on to buy more of their work.

What about you? Today there seems to be an expectation that information is available freely and lots of it, that we can use what ever we come across without any penalites, but I don’t believe this is so. Artists deserve to be paid and I will do what I can to help this.

This sounds like I am preaching and I guess I am rather!

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