Sundays as Sundays

In the ‘old days’ Sundays were separate and apart from the rest of the week. I’m in my late thirties and I can remember that there were not any shops open on a Sunday. I was pleased when this changed as I think it was just before I could start working, so as well as working on a Saturday in Sainsburys and a week night after college I was able to work on Sundays too. Hmm. Maybe my workaholic tendencies showed early on!

But on Sundays I keep as something special.


turn on my computer or iPad
go on the internet (with the exception of getting an address if we are going out)
go on social media
read books that I take notes on
read books that are work related
turn my work phone on
do anything even vaguely work related
channel surf on the TV AKA watching crap


read fiction
read books on spirituality
play music
listen to music
work in my soulbook
go for walks
meet with friends/family
spend time with my husband
play board/card based games
day dreaming
listen to audiobooks
stare out of the window
watch specific TV programmes
go to the cinema
go out for a coffee
go out for a meal

Sundays are an incredibly relaxing day as a result of this. I do have my phone with me if I am out as talking/texting with friends, listening to music and audiobooks are all allowed, I just don’t access the internet/social media at all.

Stress really affects my health and this is another way that I try to manage stress, by having complete down time. I guess it could be seen as old fashioned, but I do think it is important to me and staying well.

I guess it could be called a digital sabbatical – do you do these at all?

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