South Essex Arts Festival


I’m really excited to be taking part in my first ever exhibition – on this Saturday. It’s rather appropriate that it’s on my 5th wedding anniversary, I doubt I would ever had the confidence to explore my photography further, let alone enter it into an exhibition, without the never ending love, encouragement and support from my amazing husband.

So far I have shown myself to be a complete newbie at this, dithering so much about submitting my work description that I missed being in the programme and printing out entirely the wrong size photo for the frames that I had.

I think failing to submit my work description was due to a complete lack of confidence in myself as a photographer/artist and now I’m not in the programme, so my fearful self has more evidence to whisper into my ear. It is hard to get past fear, but my work will be there on Saturday, even if the mounts fail to turn up, I will just have to display my work unframed. Such is life.

I’m looking forward to this and am petrified in equal measures!

More information about the event.

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  1. Jen, I would love to go to the South Essex Art Festival, however; I cannot go. I live all the way in Canada. I am sure that it would be interesting to look at the paintings. Thanks anyway, Jen!

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