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I spoke a while ago about the Dreaming on Paper course I did with Lisa Sonora. I am still writing in my soulbook daily, it even came on holiday with me, where I was on the look out for images and words to scavenge.

I use a papetlot strap, which my mother and father in law got me for Christmas to ensure that I always have my basic pens with me. I also packed in the hold baggage scissors, pritt stick, glitter pens, colouring pencils and fineliners.

I write in it every single day, without fail. Sometimes I do this more than once a day. Sometimes I sit down with my folder of words and images and stick things in. Sometimes I splash cheap craft paint in. It makes me so happy. I have switched to an A5 notebook, rather than the A4 I was using before, mainly that because it is easier to carry around. I can create flaps from images torn from magazines if I want more space. Following on from the Dreaming on Paper course I did the Creative + Practice course with Lisa and this has given me so many ideas to use, such as creating pockets and layers.

My Soulbook is my anchor and my compass. It keeps me grounded, I do have a tendancy to get stressed out, or all up inside my head and writing it out in here really helps. I write about the good things, the hard things, ideas and thoughts. I draw in it, doodle and take notes from books which stir me.

Once a week I sit down and read through it, looking for patterns and themes, ideas that I can develop in writing or other outlets. Lisa calls this ‘harvesting’. This is where my soulbook becomes my compass – it guides me to what I am thinking, what I feel and what I really want. It is surprisingly easy for these things to get lost. Going back over the last few books is really helpful too.

I don’t keep general to-do lists in here, I also don’t put day to day planning in here, I use my bullet journal for that. If it is the initial stages for developing a creative project I will put it in here.

I love how in the time I work with each book it takes on it’s own personality, it gets fat and distended with images being stuck in, it gets battered from being carried around constantly. I love and hate finishing each book, it is exciting because I get to start afresh and it is also sad because it becomes like a friend.

I have journaled for YEARS, including doing morning pages, but the addition of paint, images, colour and sheer playfulness has taken this to a whole new level for me.

It is hard to express how much pleasure this little book gives me, I really do enjoy just flicking through them and reading or looking. It makes me smile so much. This is a really simple and cheap way to express my creativitiy, without worrying about how perfect it is, in fact Lisa stresses time and time again that it is about the process, not an outcome or product.

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