I work with you to develop and share the story of what you do: strategically, creatively and practically, as a consultant, writer and photographer.

You may employ me for one particular discipline, however  I bring my whole skill set with me. As I work across various disciplines it means that I have a creative way of thinking about life, often looking at things from a completely different angle, which can help you achieve your aims. I’m a highly practical and technical person which means I think logically and rationally about projects, but I’m also very creative, both strategically, thinking in a different way to most people, but also practically in words and in photographs.

We can work on a project basis, or on an ongoing contract, it very much depends on what you are looking for. Email : Jen AT Jenfarrant DOT com


  • helping business to find a way forward
  • arts & cultural organisations – developing a strong business way of thinking, while remaining true to their charitable aims
  • marketing plans (and delivery if required)
  • project planning and high level management

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  • marketing collateral/blog posts/newsletter/in house publications
  •  ghostwriting ebooks
  • blogging
  • articles for print or online publications
  • writing: editing/proofing

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  • developing a visual image
  • sharing your story visually
  • event coverage
  • product shots
  • creative commissions

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  • researching a potential area for business development
  • researching any topic
  • evaluating a project
  • investigating competitors

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  • 121 support via Skype
  • helping you to develop your business or creative practice

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Arts Award

  • Arts Award – I am an adviser at all levels
  • Supporter offer – talking about setting up as a freelancer/artist/musician

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