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At the end of each month I will do quick links to my writing elsewhere on the internet. I am always open to write feature posts on blogs – do get in contact.  I am also available for copywriting work!

The internet steals our future selves!

on a black background there are a series of 'speedometers' of twitter usage across the world, London is in the red!

Ah, the Internet, how you do steal my time. It is so easy to go onto social media just to check a couple of things and then to fall down an internet hole and you are reading someone’s blog in horrified fascination that they are crazy enough to do that, for so long and repeatedly. And without regard for anyone else. Not that I am thinking of anything in particular you understand. I never fall down internet holes.

It is also easy to get suckered into comparing our insides with other people’s outsides (I can’t find the original source for that, but it seems to be a common phrase), by looking at how amazing people’s lives are on their blogs or Instagram. This holds doubly true if you have a chronic illness or are a carer, or have another limit on your life.

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5 Easy ways to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling low

white woman gently smiling, looking into the camera Her hair is tousled.. over her face is a transparent banner with the words ''5 ways to cheer yourself up when you're feeling down' 

Now, please don’t think that the title of this post is undermining the seriousness of mental health, it really isn’t meant to. But I know there are some things which can help – either when I am beginning the slide into a depressive patch, or when I am there (if I can summon up the energy to do so).

When you have chronic illnesses it is really easy to get into the habit of not making an effort – after all, the clue is in the name – making an effort is really hard when you don’t have much energy. But sometimes I find the following really help and can even give me back a little bit of energy.

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Making the right choices easier

on a pink background there is an old fashioned illustratoion of a flapper girl sat with her leg at an awkward angle. Caption reads: es, doing yoga dressed like a flapper is on my daily to do list!

No, I am not talking about the right choices as in ‘should I steal that woman’s purse?’ or other such moral choices, I mean making the choices that are harder to do, but actually help us in the long run.

Such as? Eating better, exercising more, doing the housework/tidying as we go along, working on our hobby etc.

So, how can we make this easier? For me it is about finding the path of least resistance, ie making rules for myself.

Every morning I have a home-made smoothie. This is non negotiable. I stood in front of my blender this morning and thought, I can’t be bothered today. But then I remembered my rule, that I have a smoothie every morning. I’ve made it easy for myself by having a standard formula which includes measurements in teaspoons/tablespoons and cups. That way I can’t mess it up, I know that if I follow the formula it is going to be a great smoothie, although as I use spirulina powder it is a green bog colour so it really doesn’t look appetising.

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