Here are my recommendations of article, books and music to keep you going over a four day weekend – woohoo!

video of a bulldog and a leafblower- I challenge you not to laugh!

Would we be blaming cancer? An excellent article from Alistair Cambell about mental health coverage around the tragic air crash and how UK media seems to have thrown the Samaritan’s guidelines out of the window. H/T Rachel

 April Love – a community photography project from the lovely Susannah Conway #aprillove2015 – there is still time to join in! I will be trying to join in as much as possible over at Instagram


I’m a bit behind in sharing my posts elsewhere and I have decided to roll them into these posts rather than posting separately:

Being chronically ill with an invisible disability, on how not to judge people based on appearance

One app to rule them all and erm 7 notebooks how I juggle quite a few notebooks in my life!

The three legged stool of wellness theory how I stay well through exercise, meditation and food


Better than Before – Gretchen Rubin. Her latest book and focusing on habits. I’ve realised that I am a rebel, which makes it difficult to turn up to a regular class such as yoga. But it does help me to understand myself and how difficult it is for me to form habits. Lots of really useful information in here and I am sure I will refer back to it again and again, the same as I have for her other books.

Spear of Summer Grass – Deanna Raybourn. This was from the online reading groups vaginal fantasy reading list. I loved every minute of this book, it was very well written, the main character was wonderful to follow and it was a joy to read. This is my first book from this group and I am now greatly looking forward to reading more of their recommendations. I will also be getting other books from this author.

Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within – Janet Conner. I was a bit sceptical at first, quite often I hate books about writing. Writing down the bones from Natalie Goldberg is raved about by everyone and I really do not like it. But this was different. She writes a lot about having a conversation with the ‘voice’ and I really liked this idea as it is simillar to one of my writing practice already, but with enough differences to be challenging. I think the title, although cheesey, reflects what she is talking about.

Ani Di Franco – Red Letter Day. I have been meaning to get one of her albums for ages and I asked my facebook friends for recommendations and this was the one which was suggested as a starting point. I love her style and voice and I suspect this will be the first of many buys.

Husky Rescue – Ship of Light. One I have had for a while but am enjoying listening to again. Calm with some lovely lyrics and melodies, a gentle album to have on while I am working.

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