After the thrill of Camp NaNoWriMo where I wrote an entire novel with no planning and entirely by the seat of my pants I did start to wonder what it would be like not to plan.

I decided to try not using my Bullet Journal after I came back from my September holiday.

It was radical for me, not have lists, my big monthly overview and my week all mapped out.

I tried it for a couple of weeks and actually at 9pm on Sunday evening early in October I sat down at my desk and drew up my October bullet journal layout, the same as my September one. Then I did my weekly plan.

I felt so much better!

Another experiment was not turning on my computer on a Sunday, that has worked fairly well, but it means that I can’t do my writing. I write for all sorts of reasons, not just here on this blog, but I have a few creative writing projects on the go.

I originally set up my no computer rule on a Sunday because I wanted to have a complete break from work and I included all of my writing in that. But I love writing! It fulfils me and I was beginning to realise that I was getting antsy on a Sunday afternoon because I hadn’t written if I wanted to and the muse was there.

So, I have decided to let my computer back in on a Sunday, but not to lose myself by falling into an internet hole, although I am always on my guard against that!

I make sure that I don’t do client work at the weekends, or on my days off, but my creative projects – yes, I am joyfully letting them back in again even if they need the computer!

I think both of these are about recognising and honouring your creative rhythms, as well as realising that work isn’t always work. What do you do to honour your rhythms?

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