RADA presentation

I was really happy to be asked to give a presenation at RADA today about the future of education and I was given the title ‘Fresh thinking in Education’.

This was to a group of young people just coming to the end of the Stagecoach 3Dimensions course run in association with RADA. This was the start of their ADPA – which will eventually qualify them to teach performing arts.

After seeing Prezi in use at the Cape UK conference I was at in Leeds the other week I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to teach myself to use this instead of PowerPoint. My Prezi is downloadable here.  Like all good presentations it makes no sense without me there to lead you through it, but it is mainly here for my students.

If you haven’t used Prezi before then you can try it (and help me to get an upgrade to my settings) here 

For the students – the recommended reading is here. Where possible I have linked to free downloads, on one occasion there is a  (non affiliate) link to the Amazon listing. Remember your library! When I was doing my MA and my teaching qualification I managed to get a great deal of my books from the public library for free and often without the wait that my university library had!

Ken Robinson – All our futures – free download- his website

Edward De Bono – Six Thinking hats – his website, the book  

Nesta – a Manifesto for the Creative Economy  free download

Cultural Learning Alliance – ImagineNation: the case for Cultural Education– free download

I hope you enjoy reading further about this topic and it fires your imagination!





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