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As part of my work for Trinity College London, on their Arts Award Supporter campaign I have been investigating different ways of presenting all of the information we hold in a way which is accessible for people.

We all have preferred ways of receiving information – thinking of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, I personally will always choose written text over videos or audio clips, or even pictures of diagrams. Others work in the completely opposite way. As someone running a comms campaign I want to make sure that the work that I have spent hours developing is accessible to all.

I have taught myself to use Prezi, for when I am teaching at Stagecoach, but that still needs someone (me) to give the talk behind it. For Arts Award Supporter I need a self sufficient way of people accessing the information and being able to apply it to their situation.

In my research I came across The Space, a collaboration between the BBC and Arts Council England.

I have spent quite a lot of time this morning getting thoroughly engrossed in Will Self’s digital essay ‘Kafka’s Wound’. This is an essay, as you would expect, an expounding of thoughts and ideas around the topic. However this is different, interspersed throughout are clips embedded into the essay – videos of Self in Prague, clips from Prague in Kafka’s time, diary excerpts and, more excitingly to me, extracts of Klesma music. I love this style of music and have fond memories of dancing to it all night long in a tiny club somewhere in east London. Up to now I didn’t know what this style was called and so I am delighted to have found the name.

I personally found it distracting to break up reading the essay by looking at the extracts, however after reading I went to the top where there is a beautiful mind map and clicked away – feeling like I was being led deeper and deeper into the world of Self and Kafka. Possibly a bit much for 7.30am on a Monday morning, but highly enjoyable none the less.

Kafka Wound Mind Map of media types
Kafka Wound Mind Map of media types

The rest of The Space remains unexplored by me as yet, but I can see myself losing many hours to this fascinating site.

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