Praise for pets!

I have written about how my rehab is coming along slowly, but surely, I am putting an awful lot of effort into it and sometimes I don’t get it right and over do things somewhat and have to take a day of rest which I hadn’t anticipated, but that’s ok, that is all part of the process. One of the reasons that self employment works for me is that I am able to manage my diary and make sure I don’t overschedule things and allow buffer days if I have to be out and about a lot. I like having time to myself, it allows me to think, so that works out fairly well!

The best part of my rehab coming on so well is I am able to venture back into the woods with Buster. Animals have always been a really important part of my life, I always had dogs growing up and horses too. I spent most of my time as a child reading, dancing, playing music and being outside with my pets. I was allowed to have a pony on the condition that I did all of the work and I really did. I was up before school feeding, grooming and mucking out and then after school riding, grooming, feeding and mucking out. Horses always come with a huge amount of mucking out!

They were my friends and confidants. I loved being around them. I have always loved animals far more than people and puppies still elicit a greater awww response from me than babies do!

My husband hates dogs, but over time he came around to seeing how much having a dog would mean to me and so he relented. We decided on a Springer Spaniel after careful research and when Gavin gave me a couple of dog books Valentine’s Day Buster joined us very soon after!

tiny blue eyed springer spaniel puppy in the arms of me in a black hoodie. I have a massive grin on my face
Buster and me when we went to visit him at the breeders

Buster is amazing and really gets my illness and I credit him with being why I am as well as I am, along with my husband and the changes I talked about in my last post. First of all depression and chronic illness go hand in hand, and Buster helps me to stay happy. Mainly because he is bonkers and silly and great fun. I just have to try to do some yoga asanas and he is there trying to join in – it makes me laugh.

He is also really sensitive and knows when I am upset and comes and sits with me, almost hugging me. More than that being in the woods walking Buster is one of the things that makes me happiest. He has provided me with a great deal of motivation to try and walk a little bit further each time, now I am able to see the buds arriving on the trees and little bits of green poking out of the ground as spring starts to get underway. I was deeply upset that I was going to miss the bluebells this year, but if things carry on as they are I should be able to see them and I am truly grateful for that.

springer spaniel grinning at the camera with a long tongue poking out and me smiling next to him in a red beanie, hoodie and jeans, I am squatting down next to him in springtimes woodland
Buster and me about this time last year in the woods

Despite being a high energy dog if I am having a low energy day he will come and sit or lie by the side of me without being boisterous. I am lucky in that I have a great dog walker I can call if I can’t take Buster for his long walk and I am then able to walk him later in the day for a shorter one. But he seems to understand when I am not having a good day and is calm and stays by my side all day long. It is a great comfort and help to me. There are so many reports now of animals helping people, that they have a big part to play in people healing, feeling better or being a service dog. There is even a programme for young offenders who have to help care for dogs, and this has helped to reduce re-offending a great deal.

So hurrah for all of the animals around the world who bring so much happiness and joy to their friends.

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  1. Buster and you are so sweet together. It is truly a blessing to have pets when we struggle with other issues, especially health stuff.

    One of the things that helped me in the early days of healing and recovery was being reunited with my cat, Charley.

    Continued better health and much love to both of you, and your husband who seems as though he gets you, too.

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