Positives of EDS

Another #edsawareness article!

If you were to ask me if I would go back to not having this illness then of course my answer would be a resounding YES! Undoubtable. But as far as I know there isn’t a magical medical wand that will fix that faulty gene that scientists aren’t even sure which one of the 24,000 genes it is.

So, you have to accept and move on. I will be the first to admit that I am contastly comparing what I do to before I was affected. That still needs a lot of work, but it is a difficult thing to do. But I am getting better at that and a lot of this has to do with getting back in touch with my creative side.

As I have written about here, here and here, I have taken back up the flute again and I am playing in a concert band, I love it. And I am doing Sketchbook Skool and spend time drawing a lot. I have also done courses around Creative Practice and I have a ‘soulbook’ where I explore things visually and in words.

I had really forgotten about this side of myself for many, many years and I am greatly enjoying finding them again. I have always desperatley wanted to be able to draw and paint and although you won’t see my work in a gallery anytime soon it is getting better and I am able to record things visually – which is what I want.

What is especailly important about both of these activities is that they feed my soul. Yes, they take up energy, but they replensish a great deal too because of how much pleasure I get out of them. I find that these things make me feel an awful lot better than just slobbing out in front of the TV which is what I used to do when I was low in energy.

I get so much pleasure out of my music and art and I do wonder how many years it would have been before I found my way to them if it hadn’t of been for this illness. So I guess that is one positive thing

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